Trunkuse excels at handling large scale projects. This typically means shipping cargo from multiple countries around the world (often 30+) to a single destination for a construction or expansion of a plant. This can be in many different industries such as cement, energy, mining, oil & gas, solar, steel, wind, and others.

Each project can consist of hundreds or thousands of separate shipments, mostly sent by ocean. Tracking of each item is key and is provided in a format customized to each client and his needs.

In each project there are numerous opportunities to find cost savings for the client and Trunkuse takes pride in working on behalf of the customer to maximize their potential savings. This can be done in many different ways, for example:

  • Combining various smaller orders at origin or in transit and sending larger shipments each time. 

  • Shipping orders that are not urgently needed the most economical way

  • Finding intermediate storage facilities during transit to assemble goods and then dispatch further as needed


Many of the orders are called triangle shipments. This refers to shipments from country A to country B when the client is located in country C (such as shipping from India to Germany for a USA based client setting up a new gas refinery in Germany).

Please contact Trunkuse to see why so many large firms have come to trust and rely on us to manage the logistics for these immense industrial projects.